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On the Road with ICA

15 Coaches in 5 Cities Across Asia

Video cam in hand, Lynda Bor has kicked off a 5-city coaching tour of Asia. She will be meeting with students and graduates and capturing the sights and the sounds of coaching.

First stop the city of Taipei, capital of Taiwan, where Lynda interviewed our coach Christine Kuo (Chinese language) Next stop Hong Kong where she will interview both English and Chinese speaking coaches.

Lynda arrives at the Airport
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Interview with Coach Christine Kuo
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Watch on YouKu

Stay tuned for more coaching road stories from Lynda!

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"Day in the Life of a Coach" with Spiritual
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Listen in as Jefri shares with you what her days (and nights) are like now that she’s coaching, speaking, and writing – making a great life as a coach. Jefri shares her strategies for setting fees, getting clients, and her own organic way of marketing – matching her gifts with the needs of the world.

From the CEO

ICA is an amazingly diverse global community of coaches. Just yesterday I was talking to our trainer Helen Omand about her Teleclasses. She told me she had students from no less than 9 countries in one of her recent classes. This really is incredible and it got me thinking about our 'hidden' curriculum.

One of the things all training programs have but never talk about is their hidden curriculum. I remember a linguistics teacher I had in college who was obsessed with Italy; every example he gave, every sample text we read, had something to do with Italy. So even though the official curriculum was Systemic Functional Linguistics I learnt a lot about Italian culture that year!

At ICA our hidden curriculum is almost as rich as our official curriculum... Read More

Merci Miglino, PCC

From the editor

Myths are things we believe to be true but well, aren't. As coaches we are expert mythbusters -  helping people sort out fact from fiction and find the powerful truths that ignite their passion and success. This month we feature coaches who are taking on some stubborn myths and turning them on their head. Check out Kate James and the PeopleFirst Coaching Group.

So what coaching myths are you busting? Email me, I'd love to know.

Coaching Power Tools: Persevering vs. Giving Up

Peter Imants Gailiss

ICA student Peter Imants Gailiss created this Power Tool because he believes in choices. “We always have choices  - to persevere and keep going or to let go or just give up." Read more

Sample Training Module: Creating Awareness

Being aware is like breathing; it is fundamental to our everyday existence. Without awareness we are moving through life without breath, without direction, without connecting with others and thus ourselves. Read more

Meet Our Coaches

Let the work speak for itself

Helen Omand

Helen Omand

  Yene Assegid   Tabitha Jayne

Helen Omand , PCC, Trainer
Meet Helen

Pin Hsuan Chen, PCC, Program Director
Meet Pin


Dr. Yene Assegid, ICA Graduate Coach
Meet Yene


Tabitha Jayne, Grief & Growth Coaching
Meet Tabitha

Congratulations Graduates
Another great example of a business created from strong ICA student partnerships!

Students from Taiwan

ICA Alumni, Jack Cheng, James Huang, Tina Huang, and Edward Chen, are now PeopleFirst Coaching, helping organizations and managers to enhance performance through customized training programs & coaching services.

Random Acts of Acknowledgement
Achievements from inside the ICA community

This month we want to acknowledge an extraordinary act of courage! Shelley Balfe (finance team) single handedly wrestled a python off her son's arm and back into its cage while the Ambulance workers stood back saying "We don't do snakes..." Read More

  • Karen Monteverdi's book Living Consciously; In An Ego Driven Society hits #18 on Amazon
  • Christine Lewicki's book I Stop Complaining is now published in French and Italian.
  • Now On YouTube! Malti Bhojwani, PCC on Love, Freedom And Fun!
  • Dimos Kyritsis, Forest Yeh and Sandra Seibert, have earned their ACC. Congratulations!
    Read more

This month we welcome students from the following countries!



New Zealand


Coaching Tools for Life & Business - on the Preneurcast Podcast

PreneurCastThis month Robyn Logan was a guest on the Preneurcast Podcast. In this episode she gives listeners practical business applications of coaching tools drawn from our Coach Training Program
Download Podcast

The Change Project: Creating Positive Change in Your Life

Showcasing Projects from the ICA Community


ProjectKate James is a life & executive coach based in Melbourne Australia. After 10 years in coaching Kate created The Change Project;  a place to discover how you can live a happy, peaceful and meaningful life. Read more…

Tuck These Tips in Your Coaching Pocket

We LOVE the long-awaited Linked In iPad app. Released last Wednesday, it really puts Linked In up there with Facebook in a way it really hasn't been before. Check it out...

Make it easy on yourself to participate in social media, take the time to install the app!



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