[Audio Replay] Create a Coaching Lifestyle

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Robyn Logan

In this call Robyn Logan, CEO of International Coach Academy interviews two Faculty members on their unique coaching Lifestyles.

This call is part of a monthly Teleseminar Series held by International Coach Academy for people interested in finding out more about the profession of coaching.

In this call:

Merci MiglinoMerci Miglino

Merci was working 80 hour days in the State Politics Department (New York). She had a copy of “Toxic Workplace” on her desk and was suffering weekly migraines. Fast forward to now and Merci is a highly successful coach working with clients around the world.




Leon-VanderPol-150x150Leon VanderPol

Leon set himself up as a “Location Independent” worker in his twenties. He always knew he needed freedom and loved to travel . For a while he was working as a trainer + consultant + coach and then in more recent times has made the transition to full time coach/trainer. Working from home in Taipei gives him the flexibility to be with his family and still pursue the life and career he always wanted.



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