Research Paper: Transformational Coaching – Radical change from the inside out

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By: Angella Brown Ferguson

Executive/Leadership Coach, BAHAMAS

“Coaching in its highest form is about personal and organizational transformation.”  Alan Seale


In today’s world it is becoming more clear that true happiness does not come from material things but in knowing who you are and living each day being your truest authentic  self. This paper is based on the premise that the inner cultivation of our clients is the greatest gift they can give to themselves and Transformational Coaching can produce this miraculous change  and create a shift in the way they think about themselves, their organization and the world.  The world focuses on the outside in approach.  People find themselves in things that becomes part of their identity.

They feel successful, happy and famous based on what they have gotten not whothey  have become.

Key Words:  Miraculous change,  Shift,  Inner  Cultivation

Tolle (2005: 35) states that ‘the unconscious compulsion to enhance one’s identity through association with an object is built into the very structure of the egoic
mind’.  Television constantly bombards the mind with products suggesting people will become better by using them, so by implication be your truest authentic self and live your best life. It is said that you are not buying a product but an “ identity enhancer” Tolle (2005: 38). It is clear then that transformation  from the inside out will awaken our life’s purpose and enable our clients to achieve their highest potential.

Transformational Coaching is a personal development breakthrough, a miraculous awakening that brings fourth our greatness and beckons our authentic self to shine so brightly that we live on purpose everyday pouring out the magnificent gifts that we have.

To be transformed from the inside out is such a powerful state of  being because you can live your whole lives just existing, living below your potential and then
dying never having known who you are, what you are here to do and never finding your true purpose.

Some find it too difficult to walk in their greatness and have developed functional blindness to their own defects and they do not live in frustration and
unhappiness because they cannot resolve their problems but because they cannot see their problems.  They live in denial never developing themselves or the people around them. A Transformational  Coach can assist a client who is in this state but decides he or she is ready to be the master of  their own destiny, not merely wanting to create themselves but wanting to know themselves…..this is the essence of powerful transformation.

This transformation creates a shift that allows our clients to see their worth and potential so clearly that they are able to rise above their limitations and become
fearless in executing their goals.

Transformation from the inside out does not represent a type of greatness that is deserving of attention and applause as most people look at greatness as an individual doing some heroic feat or having rare talent.  Yet, when lives are transformed  that takes courage, discipline and character.  This is deserving of a
higher honor, even more respect as you have transformed yourselves from the inside out.