Coaching Model: V.I.C.T.O.R.Y.

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coaching modelBy: Maria Ernioni Papastefanou

Health and Wellness, GREECE

Every time we embark on a new journey our goal is usually to explore and enjoy a new reality and a new self. This journey of personal transformation is about moving forward, towards the direction of a dream or a goal. Most of the times, this decision is accompanied by both excitement and fear, as though we are thrown to a battle field called “uncertainty” where the enemy can look very scary: our limiting beliefs, our comfort zone, the disbelief of others… The V.I.C.T.O.R.Y. technique can support us in remaining focused on the the actual victory of our full potential.

Vision: In all life situations especially those that may entrain fear, it is absolutely necessary to have a clear vision of the final outcome and its purpose. Once we are able to create mentally the end result using all our senses, and knowing at the present what it will look like, how it will sound and how it will feel like, then certainty is created. A vision with a purpose gives direction to our actions and determines the next steps to be taken.

Intention: Intent is powerful because it determines the outcome. once the vision is clear, intent has to be there strong to move us forward. It is about investing our energy and focus on one thing and it is the driver behind any thought or behavior. When we ask ourselves “what is the reason I am doing this” then we know what our intention is all about. Intention can be intensified to become determination to achieve any goal.

Commitment/Choice: Once the vision and its purpose are clear, it is a matter of choosing or not to commit to do whatever it takes to achieve it. Challenges are to be anticipated that will test our desire and willingness to move forward. In any situation is it important to remember that we always have a choice. Which choice do we make to commit our actions to?

Thankfulness for the journey: this new experience will open a new door to self-awareness and growth. We will never be the same again, meaning that our focus on the vision will encourage us to discover new perspectives and behaviors. Face new challenges, new situations, new people. It is about being grateful for the inner transformation that will occur.

Opportunity oriented: no matter what the challenges may be, there will always come hand in hand with opportunities… How willing are we to look for the opportunity in every situation? Finding a good reason by reframing the situation can be a strong motivator itself.

Responsibility for Results: unless we are at cause at all times we may feel tempted to blame others, find excuses and drop back. The only person who can make it happen is ourself. Since the goal is there waiting to be achieved, we need to be flexible to adjust our ways to approach it. Most of the times we are changing the goal instead of changing our strategy to achieve it. “There is no failure, only feedback”, so if one strategy doesn’t work, we take feedback in order to make the next one more successful, and we keep trying until we get there!

Yes, I can do it” attitude: acting as if we have already achieved our goal will drive our confidence to sky high levels. This attitude reflects the enthusiasm and the energy required for any victory… Maintaining the enthusiasm and the energy high requires effective  self management: taking care of all three dimensions of the self, -body-mind-spirit, means that we start by being aware and respectful of our needs and that we nurture ourself in all three  levels in order to maintain the state of the winner.