Coaching Model: Kaleidoscope Model

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coaching modelBy: Rhonda Van Buskirk


Kaleidoscope designs are entirely unique, made up of dierent color combinations. Like the kaleidoscope, each of us are an original design, made up from dierent values and life experiences. We can add, subtract or change these to create what we want to create in our lives…the possibilities and combinations are endless!

Since we are all one-of-a-kind, there is no one set combination that fits everyone. My coaching process is no dierent. I have my own color palette (tools) that I use during our coaching sessions together. We can “dip” into any of these at any time and in any combination that fits you, to bring YOU and your unique colors out!

My mission is to help you see and express yourself authentically, and bring your unique design out into the world, whether they are big and bold expressions like: “I want to make a career change” or subtle, yet still powerful like: “I want to be more organized so I can have more time to spend with family.”

By using my own coaching color palette, I help you to clarify YOUR vision and help you to bring those visions to life.