Coaching Model: ELITE Model

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By: Angella Brown Ferguson

Executive/Leadership Coach, BAHAMAS

As we see the future clearly in our mind’s eye, we experience a level of excitement in anticipation  of  the day when all that we dream will become a reality.  The more clearly we see the vision of the future, the more we are able to borrow from its inspiration.  This borrowed inspiration finds its way into our conversations, our energy level, our goals, relationship and attitude.

The more excited we become by our future dreams, the easier it will be to develop the necessary disciplines and make the refinements to our philosophy and values.

The Elite Model is all about transforming oneself  to achieve your dream.  It is based on an exciting discovery  that can only start from within so that you  can live your best life and celebrate your authentic self.

We explore and master a lot of things in life but one of the greatest exploration that brings magnificent transformation is exploring ourselves.  Many people die with their in-box full because they never  took the time to explore.

  • Who we are and what is our purpose on this earth
  • What are our values and are we living them daily, are they affecting positively the decisions we are making
  • What is our philosophy as the greatest influence on what   we decide to do with tomorrow’s opportunity is not going to be circumstance, but rather what and how we think.
  • What  are our  goals  do they affect what  we  do all day long
  • What is our vision and how do we realize it
  • What is our personal mission statement and are we living in alignment with our life’s  mission

Coaching supports discovery and transformation.  We assist the client to find their own truth and live that truth fearlessly.

My coaching model will empower leaders in transformational excellence – empowering  leaders to be the absolute best they can be in order to transform themselves,  transform their life, transform their organization and be the best they can be  to achieve their dreams and multiply their positive influence in the world.

Client’s Transformational Journey

Clarifies and sets well defined goals
Identifies values
Discovers life purpose & vision
Creates personal mission statement
Align themselves with empowering beliefs
Remains accountable for manifesting action
Becomes a great listener
Continually seeks self-mastery
Develops a balance philosophy of life
Creates transformational moments
Creates desired and amazing change
Feels empowered & inspired


Ask probing questions that explore
Creates a safe trusting space for client’s growth
Listens attentively
Celebrate and acknowledge with you
Support and give feedback
Hold you accountable for your choices
Empowers clients to empower self
Is a life long learner
Inspire you, challenge you
Validate you
Being present

“Leadership is the most crucial choice one can make – it is the decision to step out of darkness into the light.”