The Suited Monk: A Guide to Life Purpose & Happiness

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In The Suited Monk, author and ICA student, Raf Adams brings together the inner world of happiness, love, purpose, and meaning and the external world of success and achievement and how you too can live a truly happy life while enjoying a satisfying and fulfilling career.

Raf’s first book, written while working in Asia, is a candid account of his life-altering breakthrough from a troubled childhood in Belgium – to pursuing his career in China to become a successful business man in his mid-20’s – to struggling with ongoing acute dissatisfaction in all aspects of his life which resulted to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ burn-out by 24 years old.

Drawn from his personal experience and time-honored wisdom, Raf’s step-by-step guide of The Life Journey® and GAP visual models helps easily identify and discover our own life path and explore pertinent self-questioning paradigms such as ‘what is my purpose in life’ – ‘how can I live a truly fulfilling life, and also have a happy and satisfying career’- resulting in a healthy and strong inner-peace feeling every single day, for your entire life.

The launch for The Suited Monk will be in Shanghai on February 16th. Professor Mike Thompson from CEIBS and Peter Buytaert, former CEO of AFGA Graphics join Raf in sharing life and career stories to help you live a happy and rewarding life and successful career.